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CNN (Cable News Network) is the world’s first 24-hour news television channel, founded by maverick broadcasting executive Ted Turner as part of his Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). Read More

Tuner started the network allegedly because the majority of the industry professionals had told him it couldn’t be done. After four years in development, CNN went on air at 6 p.m. EST June 1, 1980, from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, with the lead story about the attempted assassination of civil rights leader Vernon Jordan. The story was anchored by the husband-and-wife team of Dave Walker and Lois Hart.

TV news at the time of CNN’s launch was clearly dominated by the three major networks-CBS, NBC, and ABC-and their nightly 30-minute broadcasts.

CNN began operating with the objective of becoming the premier source of television news for the whole world. The network was supported by advertising, but, unlike the established news networks’ operations that broadcast their programs domestically via their affiliated stations, CNN’s news programming was delivered worldwide by the satellite.

Maturing and growing along with the cable industry itself, the Cable News Network maintained a loyal following by presenting what the major networks did not: in-depth, continuous coverage of all news events, both large and small.

CNN’s mantra throughout the period was “Go Live, stay with it, and make it important.”

Endeavoring to accommodate its global audience, CNN adopted a policy of prohibiting such exclusionary terms and phrases as “foreign” and “here at home” from its newscasts.
CNN News USA In 1985, due to the increasing saturation of cable in homes, the number of households with access to CNN grew to over 33 million viewers, nearly 20 percent of the U.S. homes with televisions.
CNN went to transform the notion that news could only be reported on set times throughout the day. In 1986, the network scooped the competition with its on-the-scene coverage of the Challenger space shuttle disaster. Five years later, CNN again outmaneuvered the other networks with its live “in-country” telecasts of the Persian Gulf War in 1991. It became an around-the-clock war channel, numbering among its global audience.
Covering the battle from both sides of the conflict, the network’s team of correspondents – including Bernard Shaw, John Holliman, and Peter Arnett – became familiar faces. Other notable reports and commentators have included Wolf Blitzer, Daniel Schorr, Mary Alice Williams, Catherine Crier, Paula Zahn, and Christiane Amanpour.

The “voice of CNN” is delivered by famous actor James Earl Jones, whose recorded voice regularly intones, “This is CNN.”

Apart from its news programming, CNN offered a steady dose of daily and weekly primetime series, starting with Moneyline (1980-2001; later called Lou Dobbs Moneyline (2003–03) and Lou Dobbs Tonight (2003–09) and keeping up with such efforts as Crossfire (1982–2005), Evans and Novak (1980– 98, cohosted by newspaper columnists Robert Novak and Rowland Evans; renamed Hunt & Shields (1988–2002) when AI Hunt and Mark Shields joined the program).

Hosted by Larry King and long one of CNN’s most extensively popular series, the nightly Larry King Live (1985–2010) was also for a number of years cable television’s highest-rated interview program. Some of the most recent staples of CNN programming include The Situation Room (2005–) and Anderson Cooper 360° (2003–).

In 2013, the channel initialized adding documentary and reality TV programs to its schedule, notably Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2013–18), which was an award-winning travel show hosted by former chef Bourdain. The Cable News Network in 1996, along with the rest of the Turning Broadcasting System, was absorbed by entertainment conglomerate Time Warner Inc.

CNN changed not only the way in which television journalists reported the news but how the news itself was made! It made “news the star,” and steered clear of politic bias.

After defining itself with on-the-spot reporting during the Gulf War, CNN remains the nation’s news “emergency room.”
In a continuously competitive journalistic market with a ravenous appetite, increased attention was paid to scandals and other dramatic events. As a result, many scholars recognize the 1980s as the beginning of a momentous slide in the quality of American journalism.

Key attributes of CNN

1) Wide viewership:
The Cable News Network has a wide viewership of roughly 8, 55,000 viewers with reach to 212 countries across the globe.

2) Credible News reporting:
CNN is a news network that has earned the trust and confidence of its customers through consistent and reliable reporting.

3) Younger audience:
The network caters to a relatively younger audience compared to its competitors. The average age of the CNN viewers is 25-54 years, almost five years younger than the average age of CBC and seven years younger than the average viewer of Fox News.

4) Innovation in the news:
CNN is credited with lots of firsts in news networks. It’s the pioneer in around-the-clock reporting culture. It also, for the first time, released a live news update on 9/11.

Current programming of CNN

The weekday schedule of the Cable News Network consists mainly of rolling news programs during the daytime hours, followed by comprehensive news and information lineup during the evening and primetime hours.

CNN’s morning programming starts with Early Start, which is an early-morning news telecast anchored by Christiane Romans and Laura Jarrett. Most of CNN’s late-morning and quick afternoon programming involves CNN Newsroom, a rolling news telecast hosted by Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto.

The late afternoon and early evening schedule consist of The Lead with Jake Tapper, and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Evening and the primetime lineup of CNN seem more focused on in-depth programs, such as the Erin Burnett OutFront, and Anderson Cooper 360, followed by Cuomo Prime Time and CNN Tonight.

The overnight programming mostly involves reruns of the primetime lineup, and a simulcast of the CNN International version of CNN Newsroom from Atlanta, Georgia.
CNN’s weekend primetime is dedicated mainly to factual programming, such as documentary-style reality series, documentary specials, and miniseries. The weekend lineup also includes telecasts of acquired documentary films that presented under the banner CNN Films.

How to watch CNN?

The Cable News Network is currently available to watch via satellite, cable, satellite radio, IPTV and streaming media. Among all modes of availability, live streaming is the newest! is the official source for latest updates from CNN.

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