TechnologyApple To Launch ‘Biggest’ iPhone Update Ever With iOS 18

Apple To Launch ‘Biggest’ iPhone Update Ever With iOS 18

Apple's new iOS 18 update will have AI features for iPhone

Apple is working on a new update for its iPhones, called iOS 18. A report by a famous journalist says that this update will be the best one that Apple has ever made.

Apple usually shows its new updates in June, at a big event for developers. Then, it releases them in September, along with the new iPhones.

The report says that the new update will have many new features that use artificial intelligence, or AI. AI is a technology that makes machines smart and able to do things like humans. For example, the new update will have a better Siri, which is Apple’s voice assistant. Siri will be able to do more things for you, just by talking to it. The new update will also have AI features in other apps, like Apple Music, Keynote, Messages and Xcode.

Apple has used AI in its iPhones before, but not very much. It has not added many new AI features since ChatGPT, which is another smart technology, became popular. Apple did not even mention AI at its last event.

Besides AI, the new update will also have better texting features. Apple said last year that it will use RCS, which is a new way of texting. RCS will let you do more things with your texts, like sending high-quality pictures, showing when you are typing, using WiFi instead of data, and having better group chats.

Some of the other features that the report mentions are:

  • New design for the home screen, with more customization options and widgets.
  • Dark mode to make the screen easier to see at night and save battery life.
  • Face ID to work even if you are wearing a mask or glasses.
  • Health app that will track your sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and more.
  • Camera app for better photos and videos, with more filters and effects.

The report says that Apple is very excited about the new update and thinks that it will make the iPhone users very happy. It also says that the new update will be compatible with most of the older iPhone models, so you don’t have to buy a new one to enjoy it.

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