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CNN has a reputation for providing insightful, well-done, and generally unbiased coverage of world news at the time of events. Let’s take a quick look at how to watch the CNN live stream for free on the site Livenewsof, and how you can do it.

As such, if you have an internet connection at home, you can watch CNN live streaming directly from your home using our website. It’s currently available in the USA, Latin America, Europe, and most of the world.

CNN Streaming Online Paid + Free Methods in 2022

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CNN is available in many countries worldwide including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more. In the UK, CNN International was previously carried on Sky channel 437 but was moved to Sky channel 418 on 16 May 2017. The channel can be found on Freeview channel 200 (Sky 437).

It is basically possible to watch CNN anywhere in the world through paid services. We will try to cover some of the best ways to watch CNN Streaming free of charge in this article. Make sure you read all the way to the end. You will get your answer “How to Watch CNN Streaming Free in 2022”.

CNN Subscription Cost in 2022

The subscription streaming service offers live streaming news, on-demand programming, and interactive interviews on a variety of devices. The cost of a CNN subscription is $5.99 per month for the basic plan, $8.99 for the basic plan with HD, and $29.99 for the premium plan (which includes HD). The cost of a cable or satellite subscription to CNN is typical $25 to $40 per month plus tax.

Things you should know about CNN+

Streaming services are increasingly taking audiences away from cable and broadcast TV. As a result, more and more television channels are launching their own streaming services. In July 2021, Warner Media launched CNN Plus, but it was shut down shortly thereafter.

Currently referred to as CNN+, the service was designed to expand the reach of the main CNN television network.

However, there was an additional charge. We have compiled all the information we know about CNN Plus. CNN Plus was intended to let people without a cable or satellite TV subscription watch the network programming. Those who watch via cable or satellite may be able to access expanded news coverage with CNN Plus.

Alternative Method For Watching CNN Live Streaming

Ways to watch CNN without cable

The CNN Live stream is available to users across the globe and is a great way to watch your favorite news programs and shows from the network. The CNN stream is updated daily with new content, so you can keep up-to-date with the latest in current events and world news. Here are some alternative ways, you can stream CNN free online.

Stream CNN using Flash

In October 2021, Foxtel launched a streaming service exclusively dedicated to CNN news content. Using the platform, users can always stay informed about what’s happening globally by aggregating over 20 news sources. CNN, among other news channels, is available live via the Internet for Flash users. By accessing the feed from any location, you can stay up-to-date on the latest news at any time. As well, you can use the service to filter CNN news by categories and to create Flash Lists of content you would like to revisit in the future.

For new CNN users, the trial period lasts 14 days, after which subscribers must pay $8 a month. Flash is available for PCs, Macintoshes, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Telstra TV, and Chromecast.

Stream CNN with Foxtel

As part of the Foxtel Plus channel pack, CNN is available to all Foxtel pay TV subscribers. There are over 50 channels in the package, including news, entertainment, lifestyle, reality, documentaries, etc. The choice is yours as to whether to subscribe exclusively to Foxtel Plus for CNN or to add additional channel packs such as Sport and Movies to your Foxtel subscription.

With the Foxtel GO app, subscribers can watch live or on-demand access to channels included in their packs such as the CNN. Foxtel Plus is available at a price of $49 per month, with promotions frequently available. There may be an opportunity to score a discount or to bundle Foxtel Plus with another pack at a reasonable price.

Stream CNN using Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now offers CNN as well. Currently, this channel is part of the Essentials subscription package, which is priced at $25 per month. The first time you sign up for Foxtel Now you receive a 10-day free trial. As part of the trial, you are entitled to access all Foxtel channel packs that have CNN.
By using the Foxtel GO app, you can access Foxtel Now on your PC or Mac, smartphone, or tablet. It is also compatible with Telstra TV, PS4, Foxtel Now, and certain smart TVs in addition to Chromecast/AirPlay.

Cheapest ways to stream CNN live if you don’t have a cable subscription

The cheapest way to stream CNN live if you don’t have a cable subscription is through the You can check out this guide for more information about how to watch CNN Live Streaming without Cable.

Stream CNN on Smart TV?

When it comes to watching CNN Live streaming, there are a couple of websites that offer every user to enjoy streaming on their mobile phone or desktop TV. But there charge roughly 20$ or 30$ for Streaming subscriptions.

While on the, you can enjoy unlimited CNN live streaming free of cost, without paying any penny or bucks. You can watch CNN free without internet interruption or slow speed as we have very fast speed streaming servers so that you can enjoy live broadcasting while sitting in your home.

Watching CNN Live In The UK

Watch CNN in the UK

There is a high demand in the UK for information regarding how to watch CNN live, particularly on a big screen TV. The network operates globally with CNN International, with global editions accessible in over 200 countries, frequently as a part of premium pay-TV packages.

There was a time when CNN was available on Freesat in the United Kingdom, a free-to-air service that only requires a satellite dish and a Freesat receiver/recorder. Nevertheless, CNN began shifting its distribution focus to subscription-based platforms in 2021, and was removed from Freesat (in addition to Virgin Media and BT TV).

The network has a few options for you right now if you are in the UK and want to watch live on your TV. A highly recommended option for watching Live Streaming is our website, the It is the ideal place to watch CNN Live Stream Free of Cost by sitting at your home. You will not be required to pay any kind of subscription to view the website. This service is provided free of cost to our CNN users.

Watching CNN globally through VPN

There is no doubt that CNN is one of the most famous news channels in the universe, with dozens of shows covering events from all over the world. There is only one problem, CNN cannot be watched everywhere. In fact, the channel is only available to view in the US (unless you have access to a VPN that is capable of doing so). The reason for this is that CNN is required to comply with the rights of distribution, license agreements and copy right laws with respect to its content.

However, the good news is that we can work with you to get around this error message in order to ensure that you can access CNN from wherever you are. There is only one thing you must do in order to access from United States servers, and that is to download a reliable VPN and use it. By doing so, your device will be assigned a US IP address, enabling you to bypass location restrictions and join CNN from anywhere in the world.

However, the main problem is picking a VPN that does not block CNN content and is compatible with your operating system. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some great VPNs that work flawlessly with CNN Streaming.

Ways to stream CNN outside of the United States

NordVPN: Best VPN for watching CNN

There is no better VPN option than NordVPN if you want to access CNN outside of the United States. The software has been capable of unblocking region-restricted content on CNN streaming service, app, and website. We have tested it on and has provided quick and easy access to CNN.

Surfshark: Excellent servers for streaming CNN

You may want to consider Surfshark for watching CNN if you are searching for a less expensive alternative without sacrificing security or usability. It is able to unblock CNN quite easily, as well as any streaming service you can imagine. This includes HBO Max, Hulu, and foreign variations of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

It is the fastest VPN and it can be used to watch CNN’s breaking news outside of the United States. Surfshark is available in over 3200 countries and has over 3200 servers. On top of that, it offers remarkably secure features to watch such as strong encryption, a kill switch, and leak protection.

IPVanish: A VPN with strong security capabilities

IPVanish makes for an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality VPN at an affordable price. With it, you have access to CNN, along with any other streaming service you may wish to watch, such as Disney Plus, FuboTV, and Sling.

This VPN for CNN has more than 2000 servers across 50 countries despite having a significantly smaller server fleet than some of its competitors. Additionally, IPVanish provides unlimited simultaneous connections and robust security features, ensuring that your online data is kept completely private. This VPN service is also fast which means you get CNN Live Stream without buffering.

CNN Fast Facts

The CNN Fast Facts database provides quick and easy access to a variety of interesting facts about your favorite topics. Featuring more than 10,000 facts covering everything from the weather to the NFL, CNN Fast Facts will keep you entertained and enable you to learn something new at the same time. There are many interesting facts and information about the Military, Media, Education, Country Politicians, and much more included in this CNN database. It is the most effective way to obtain quick and accurate information

Facts About CNN:

  • Approximately 82% of US households with at least one television have access to CNN.
  • During the first hours of the 1991 Gulf War, CNN was the only news outlet that was able to communicate live from inside Iraq, reporting from the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad.
  • The CNN Films division was founded in 2012 as a motion picture production company.
  • There are 47 airports across the country where CNN Airport Network is broadcast.
  • There was a lawsuit filed against the channel in 2008 by beauty school teacher Li Lilan and beautician Liang Shubing seeking $1.3 billion in damages ($1 per person in China) for “violating the dignity and reputation of the Chinese people”.
  • During the post-cold war period, CNN has had a significant impact on the conduct of states’ foreign policy, according to a theory in political science and media studies.
  • Most viewers of CNN who also watch Fox News most often believe the political news they are receiving is accurate. The percentage of MSNBC viewers is 43%, whereas the percentage of CNN viewers is 33%.

CNN’s Target Audience

CNN targets a wide variety of audiences. It has long been a cable news channel, but it’s also available via satellite and the Internet. The main audience for the CNN is people who want to stay informed about current events in politics and business, along with news about world events.
The general public also watches CNN for entertainment purposes. People like to watch programs that entertain them or make them laugh. The channel has been criticized for not covering enough stories about topics other than politics and business.

Is CNN Really a Credible News Source?

CNN is a reliable source for some topics and not others. For example, if you’re looking for information about the Mueller report, CNN Live Stream will be your go-to source for breaking news. But if you’re looking for an opinion piece, chances are it won’t be there.

For example, in early May 2019, when the Mueller report was released, CNN published numerous articles on the topic — including one by Jake Tapper that was viewed by more than 3 million readers. But when Michael Avenatti released his client Stormy Daniels’s transcript with her lawyer Michael Avenatti, it did not appear on any major CNN’s websites or social media pages (though it did appear on Fox News).

Why CNN doesn’t have online live streaming on YouTube?

Youtube does not allow you to have your own advertisement on your video stream. The banners and pre-rolls are managed by Youtube, that’s why CNN is not permitted to have its own advertisement.

Watching news streamin on YouTube
CNN’s primary business is selling the channel to cable operators, so why is it available for free on YouTube??? It is not possible The CNNgo app may be used by anyone, but you must have a cable subscription to use it. Unlike RT, CSPAN, or others, CNN does not belong to a charitable organization or government-sponsored organization.


CNN Live Streaming is a great source for people of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, and walks of life. However, it is only available in certain countries. If you happen to be traveling or spending time in any part of the world and at least one of your devices has an Internet connection – laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or iPad – then you’d have access to CNN Live Streaming just like you do at home.

We have just given you detailed information on how you can watch CNN live stream, unrestricted, for free of charge. Be sure that you have tested each method of streaming CNN in case any of the aforementioned methods do not work. It is noteworthy, however, that the is the best site for those who want to follow CNN live streaming.

The LiveNewsof is the fastest and most reliable way to find out what’s happening across the world. We provide real-time news, sports scores and entertainment videos from all over the world. Our Website is available on computers, tablets and mobile phones at so you can watch CNN and our other live streams wherever you go.

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