BusinessEU Investigates AliExpress for Illegal Content under New Digital Law

EU Investigates AliExpress for Illegal Content under New Digital Law

EU scrutinize AliExpress’s adherence to the DSA

In a significant move to enforce its new Digital Services Act (DSA), the European Commission has initiated a formal investigation into AliExpress, the global e-commerce platform operated by Chinese tech behemoth Alibaba. This action marks the third major probe under the DSA, following earlier inquiries into TikTok and an unnamed social media platform.

The DSA, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that came into effect recently, is designed to regulate the digital space, targeting issues such as anti-competitive behavior and the spread of misinformation. The Commission’s current investigation will scrutinize AliExpress’s adherence to the DSA, particularly in areas concerning risk management, content moderation, advertising transparency, trader traceability, and data access for researchers.

Central to the probe are concerns over the potential breach of the DSA by AliExpress, including the enforcement of its terms of service that ban products endangering consumer health, like counterfeit medicines. The Commission is also examining whether the platform has failed to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate content, specifically pornographic material.

Moreover, the investigation will delve into the mechanisms AliExpress uses to recommend products to its users and its compliance with DSA regulations requiring a searchable ad repository on the platform. In response to the probe, an AliExpress spokesperson has affirmed the company’s commitment to cooperating with authorities to ensure compliance with the DSA and to maintain a safe, lawful marketplace for consumers.

This inquiry into AliExpress underscores the EU’s determination to hold digital giants accountable and to safeguard consumers in the rapidly evolving online marketplace. As the DSA begins to take effect, it sets a precedent for the level of oversight and regulation that tech companies can expect within the European Union.

For more detailed insights into the DSA and its implications for online platforms, the European Commission provides comprehensive information on the legislation’s objectives and the enforcement framework. Additionally, previous investigations under the DSA offer context on how the act is being applied to other major digital services.

Stay tuned as this story develops, and the outcomes of the Commission’s investigation unfold, potentially shaping the future of digital commerce and platform accountability in Europe and beyond.

Nathan Enzo
Nathan Enzo
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