PoliticsJoe Biden shares his plan to combat coronavirus as new infections prevail

Joe Biden shares his plan to combat coronavirus as new infections prevail

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Jr. on Friday described precisely how a Biden administration would fight the coronavirus outbreak, a day after the U.S. recorded roughly a record daily high in new infections.

Biden plan to combat Covid-19
The Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Jr. talks about his plan to fight Covid-19 in Wilmington, Delaware, October 23, 2020.

Biden claimed if he were elected, he would begin implementing his plan even before he is inaugurated.

“I will approach every governor in each state, blue and red, as well as mayors and local administrators, during the transition, to figure out what aid they need and how much of it they need,” Biden specified in a speech at the Wilmington’s Queen Theater.

“I’ll ask the new Congress to place a bill on my desk by the finish of January with all the resources required, so that both our economic response and our public health response can be realized through to the end.”

Here are key steps of Biden’s plan to fight Covid-19

1) Wearing masks

Biden elaborate he would reach to every governor and ask them to enforce a mask mandate. As they did in various states, Biden said he would move to local officers if governors declined. He also said that he would mandate masks in federal buildings and on interstate transportation as well.

2) Advanced-level Covid testing

The former Vice president announced he would command a national testing plan to carry out as many coronavirus tests each day as the U.S. is currently executing each week.

According to him, it would amount to approximately 7 million tests a day.
He would also expand labs’ capacity, employ a national corps of contact tracers, and ensure that tests are accessible and free-of-charge regardless of immigration status.

3) Personal protective equipment

Biden aims to practice “the full advantage of the Defense Production Act” to lead the domestic production of gloves, masks, gowns, and other equipment, including health-care workers’ ample N95 masks.
He also spoke about his intent to hire “a fully authorized supply commander in charge of filling in the gaps.”

4) Unvarying, scientific reopening guidelines

According to Biden, his administration will “generate reliable, consistent, detailed, trusted nationwide guidance and technical assistance to make resources help reopen the country safely.” He also signaled his government would offer technical advice and consultations, so the American public has a place to turn with their queries.”

5) Vaccine and treatments

Biden’s plan to fight coronavirus includes putting emphasis on balanced and extensive delivery of therapeutics in the near term and, finally, a free Covid vaccine. However, Biden also acknowledged that even if a vaccine is proved to be effective, “It will still be a wait of several months before any vaccine is generally available.”

Biden’s announcement showcased the convincing divide between his and President Donald Trump’s approach to combating the coronavirus, which relies significantly on shifting authority and accountability for pandemic response onto states, and the former vice president’s more centralized plan.

One of Trump’s spokespersons didn’t immediately respond to a media request for comment on Biden’s address.

With only 11 days left before Election Day, the plan’s publicizing both crystallized Biden’s final argument and summarized his central campaign promise: Namely, a return to accountability, steady and reliable leadership.

“Think of a day in the not too far future, when you can celebrate diner with your family and friends, and perhaps even go out to a movie,” the former vice president said, painting a picture of American’s everyday life that used to sound routine, but now seems out of reach for many.

President Trump, meanwhile, has continued to downplay the seriousness of the global outbreak, which has thus far cost the lives of over 220,000 Americans, the gravest outcome among any of the developed nations.

In his final presidential debate with Biden on Thursday, Trump insisted that the U.S. is “rounding the corner,” and the China virus is “going away,” despite the reality that cases are growing in most states. “I say we’re learning to live with it,” Trump said.

“People are learning to die with it,” Biden shot back to Trump in the final presidential debate on Oct. 22, 2020.

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