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NBA Live Streams

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NBA Live Streams

NBA Live Streams are the basketball-dedicated simulcast feeds, known to provide real-time coverage of all the US national and international basketball games live without cable. [expand title=""]

Where I can watch NBA Live Stream free?

To watch NBA live stream, your best bet is to get to a live TV streaming service such as the, which is presenting all the local matches of NBA regular season 2021 completely free.

As the NBA season passed its midway point, save your money and watch NBA Live Stream free on The platform also features some other sports networks such as TNT, ESPN, and more.

Like ESPN, NBA airs most of the games on its local sports TV network. Therefore, you’ll get complete access to all of the season matches on a single network.

Frequently asked questions about NBA Live Stream

Ways to watch basketball free streams

1) Does watch NBA Live Stream needs any contracts?

You don’t need any formal contracts if you have chosen to watch NBA streams on, FuboTV, and YouTube TV.

2) Do I need any box or equipment to watch NBA Live Stream?

No, you don’t require any equipment or a special box. You can simply run the stream on your Android and iOS phones and tablets. Also, you can Chromecast the live stream on your TV.

3) Can I rewind the NBA Stream?

The answer is simply yes. You can rewind the stream depending on the DVR offered by the service you’ve chosen to watch the channel. For example, there are 12 hours of DVR (rewind functionality) is enabled on NBA Live Stream on
Other service providers like AT&T providing more than 20 hours of DVR for additional money. DVR on is free of cost.

About NBA TV

Owned by National Broadcasting Association and run by Turner Sports, NBA TV was founded 21 years ago on March 17, 1999, as TV. It was renamed in 2003. It initially broadcasted from NBA Entertainment’s studio facilities located in Secaucus, New Jersey.

On June 28, 2003, NBA TV signed a multi-year carriage deal with three of the United States’ largest cable suppliers, Cablevision, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable. The deal expanded the network’s reach to up to 45 million pay television homes across the U.S. Additionally, it helped the network to enter into 30 countries and territories worldwide.

The network saw another boost in its viewership in 2002 when Time Warner closed the sports news network CNN/SI. Most of the five largest cable providers started to air NBA TV in place of CNN/SI.

The theme behind launching the NBA TV?

The network was created to serve as a barker channel for NBA League Pass, the out-of-market sports package by the association. In its start, it mostly provided scoring information and archival content from the NBA Entertainment archives. With time, the network added more programming, such as programming from FIBA which was usually unseen in the American market.

It was on October 8, 2007, when the Turner Sports Division took over NBA TV operations. They began to use the same analysts and announcers that worked on TNT’s NBA telecasts. Production was relocated to Turner Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, where TNT’s Inside the NBA was broadcast.

Carriage upgrades to NBA TV

On April 16, 2009, DirecTV reached a carriage deal with NBA. The deal included that the satellite service provider would continue carrying NBA TV, moving the network from its Sports Pack add-on tier to its lower-priced Xtra base package.
DirecTV made the carriage upgrade believing the move will give the channel eight million more subscribers.

On June 4, 2009, Comcast also reached a contract with NBA and changed the channel to its basic level Digital Classic package from the cable provider’s Sports Entertainment Package.
Similar to DirecTV, Comcast also assumed an additional eight million viewers’ access to the channel.

Verizon FiOS added the NBA League Pass and the channel to its systems on September 23, 2009.

NBA TV signed many multi-year carriage agreements with Cablevision, Dish Network, and Time Warner Cable during 2009. The aim behind all these carriage deals was to increase the channel’s overall subscriptions to roughly 45 million pay-TV homes in the USA.

What type of programming does NBA TV offer?

The current programming of NBA TV includes exhibition, playoff, and regular season broadcasts from the NBA and associated professional leagues for basketball. It features content including specials, documentaries, and analysis programs.

The network airs programs about the inspiring stories of individual basketball players, documentaries aiming at a particular NBA team, and archived broadcasts of memorial games.

NBA TV features nearly 90 regular games per season, typically presented four days a week during the NBA season. It also brings its own coverage of the NBA Draft.

Since NBA TV doesn’t hold exclusive broadcast privileges to any of the NBA’s games; therefore, the live presentation of games on the network is dependent on local blackout restrictions. Moreover, the games aired by NBA TV are also delivered by local rights holders of each team. It can be a broadcast television station like ABC or a regional sports network.

International basketball games on the network can be seen typically on Saturday evenings. NBA Gametime Live is the channel’s flagship program, which first aired on October 30, 2008. This program features news headlines about NBA and related leagues, highlights, and look-ins at matches currently in progress.

Presented by a host and studio analysts, NBA Gametime Live aired six days a week, with an edited 90-minute broadcast is repeated in overnight and early morning hours.

A list of programs you can watch on NBA TV

Things you may not know about NBA TV

Watching Basketball Season Games Live Streaming

1) Most of the NBA’s programming is broadcasts from the network headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
2) NBA TV servers as the national broadcaster of WNBA and NBA G League games.
3) It is the oldest subscription network to be controlled by a professional sports league in North America.
4) As of January 2021, the network is available to over 54 million pay television homes in America.
5) The highest-ever audience of 2.6 million viewers for NBA TV was measured in a regular-season game between San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors on April 10, 2016.

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