PoliticsU.S. Exercises Veto, but Calls for Gaza Ceasefire Intensify

U.S. Exercises Veto, but Calls for Gaza Ceasefire Intensify

UN ceasefire resolution was vetoed by the U.S
On Friday Dec 9, the US’s representative to the UN, Robert Wood, vetoed a security council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

In a critical move, Article 99 was invoked, prompting a swift UN Security Council vote on Friday, emphasizing the pressing nature of the issue at hand. The Israeli government vehemently opposes both the UN and Secretary General Guterres, contending that his actions pose a threat to global peace by allegedly favoring Hamas.

Secretary General Guterres sounded a warning about a potential mass displacement of Palestinians into Egypt, a matter of considerable concern for the Egyptian government. He further underscored the looming risk of a complete collapse of the humanitarian support system in Gaza. Palestinians assert that Israel’s agenda is to force the evacuation of all Palestinians from Gaza.

Compounded by the restriction on journalists entering Gaza imposed by Israel, firsthand reporting is impossible. However, available pictures, videos, and conversations with individuals on the ground strongly align with Secretary General Guterres’ alarming observations. Israel’s outright denial adds another layer of complexity to an already tense situation, especially with media being barred from providing direct coverage from Gaza.

The current situation for civilians is dire, facing the brunt of an unrelenting military campaign. Israel claims to prioritize saving civilian lives but attributes civilian casualties to Hamas using them as human shields. The UN ceasefire resolution was vetoed by the U.S., leading to skepticism given the apparent gap between Israel’s assurances and actions.

The UN secretary general’s strategic move, despite anticipating a veto, aims to expedite the moment when the U.S. urges Israel to halt the violence. Some diplomats suggest giving Israel another month, but Mr. Guterres aims to accelerate this timeline by increasing international pressure and potentially shaming the Americans into reconsidering their position.

The discrepancy between Israel’s commitment to war rules and the reality on the ground raises concerns, especially regarding the significant loss of life. The hope is that by highlighting this disparity, the international community can push for a ceasefire sooner. Mr. Guterres seeks to curtail the timeline, prompting a rethink by the U.S. on its stance as it becomes increasingly unsustainable in the face of mounting pressure.

The pressure has intensified today with the release of distressing footage showing prisoners in Gaza, under the custody of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), stripped down to their underwear and transported in trucks. Reports from local sources and social media suggest that the number of these prisoners could be as high as 700. According to these accounts, they were taken from a UN school where they sought refuge, and attempts by others to escape resulted in fatalities.

A harrowing video from yesterday depicted six lifeless bodies in the street, allegedly from the same area near the school. One victim, lying beside a white flag, appeared to have been carrying it before meeting a bloody end. The IDF claims they are investigating those responsible for the October 7 attacks, asserting adherence to international conflict laws.

For those unsympathetic or disillusioned with Israel’s actions, particularly the extensive casualties in Gaza, this serves as another instance of Israeli disregard for the well-being and dignity of Palestinians. With the weather turning chilly, the forced public humiliation of walking in underwear, some blindfolded as seen in the video, and others with hands tied behind their backs, adds to the distress.

While the IDF argues the necessity of such measures, critics view it as a brutal manifestation of Israeli actions. The ongoing debate raises questions about the balance between security concerns and respecting the humanity and rights of those affected in the conflict.

Nathan Enzo
Nathan Enzo
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