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About The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel (TWC) is a 24-hour weather news network that started airing on May 2, 1982. In the beginning, the channel was broadcast to local subscribers of Cox Cable.

In addition to regional forecasts from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), this section also provides local forecasts from the NWS (National Weather Service).

Popular Members of TWC News Team

News Team is the leading driver in any news network and so far for The Weather Channel. The network has an exceptional team of meteorologists including Jim Cantore, Stephanie Abrams, Paul Goodie, Mike Bettes, and Kelly Cass.

It is apparent that the Weather Channel crew members are very good at communicating with their viewers. Their technical knowledge, their outstanding appearance, their fine investigative skills, versatility, and uncompromising work ethic are what set them apart from the rest.

It is the news team’s job to investigate and present news related to all kinds of weather changes, from a slight change in light to a powerful hurricane. And, they do it in real-time straight from the place of occurrence.

General FAQs by TWC audience

What streaming services have The Weather Channel?

At the time, this climate news network can only be watched on a handful of streaming services in the United States. You can watch it on Fubo TV, frndly TV and on any of the three plans by AT&T TV.

Has The Weather Channel Launched its own streaming service?

Allen Media, TWC’s parent company, has announced to launch a separate streaming service named “The Weather Channel Plus” in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Besides the weather content, the new service will also feature more than 50 news and entertainment channels. It has a projection to receive 30 million subscribers within its first five years of launch.

Can I watch The Weather Channel on YouTube TV?

For now, it is not possible to access The Weather Channel via services like Sling TV, Hulu TV, and YouTube TV.

Which is the cheapest way to watch The Weather Channel online?

Friendly TV is offering TWC at the cheapest price of $5.99 per month. Their cloud DVR comes in a $7.99 package with the ability to watch on multiple screens simultaneously. There is a one-week free trial period before any of its plans can be subscribed to.

Which channel number is TWC on DirecTV?

The Weather Channel can be found on channel 362 on DirecTV in HD. DirecTV has the good feature of not changing its channel numbers based on your place of residence.

Unlike national broadcast networks, local networks are broadcast on different numbers throughout different regions.

Is there anything special that The Weather Channel App has to offer?

Those who check on their mobile devices for hourly, daily, or weekly weather reports will find the TWC App useful. You can use the app on either an Android or iOS device.

A scrollable map is displayed on top of three widgets and a radar function that provides weather prediction and updates.

Early Breakthroughs

In August 1983, after losing millions in its first year of operation, John Coleman, ”the father of The Weather Channel,” surrenders control of the cable network to Landmark.

In 1984, TWC started charging the cable operators to carry its transmission. Approximately 50 million households across the country watched the channel in 1992.

Programming Developments

1- Beginning of simulcast in prime time:

A simulcast of The Weather Channel’s prime time program was first launched in August 2000. In the program was “Atmospheres,” which was then the exclusive news and information program.

2- Redesigned Logo:

As reported by ABC News earlier in 2005, the channel redesigned its logo and took its weather reporting to a whole new level after revamping its programming as well.

3- Launching of the state-of-the-art studio:

The $60 million High Definition Studio was announced by TWC in June 2008.

(On July 7, 2008, NBC Universal along with two private equity firms, Bain Capital and Blackstone Group, announced plans on buying the channel & assets for $3.5 billion. However, the deal was not completed until September 12, 2008.)

Popular Programs on The Weather Channel

Weather Center Live:

This program has been airing since 2009 and serves as the de facto flagship forecast show for the Weather Channel. It was first named the Weather Center and changed to its current name in 2011.

Weather Center Live is currently dedicated to presenting climate analysis, forecasts, and other weather-associated segments.

Throughout this program, Emmy Award-winning meteorologist Chris Warren has been the host. Reporting straight from the field each weekday from 1pm to 5pm ET, he can be found throughout the week.

Before a host at the Weather Center Live, Warren was a meteorologist for an NBC-affiliated TV station in Seattle. Additionally, he made appearances for KTVZ-TV in Bend and KSBY-TV in San Luis Obispo.

Warren is a recipient of the AMS Seal of Approval and was given the Emmy Award in 2008 for his on-camera excellence in the weather category.

America’s Morning Headquarters:

Another of the Weather Channel’s most-watched news programs, America’s Morning Headquarters is set to air every morning from 6am to 12pm ET.

The program covers updates on morning weather conditions to let people and businesses know about any upcoming climate change across the country. It has a different set of hosts for weekdays and weekends broadcasts. Its weekday shows are hosted by Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore while the weekend shows are hosted by Kelly Cass and Reynolds Wolf.

A meteorologist on camera for the network since 2003, Abrams has worked for ABC News since 2003. Co-Hosting AMHQ early weekday mornings along with Jim Cantore, she appeared with him on the The AMHQ.

Uncharted Adventure:

In October, The Weather Channel announced that it would be bringing its Uncharted Adventure series to television on Nov. 7. Through this series, viewers explore exotic locations, fascinating cultures, and natural wonders.

Presenter Mike Corey, a marine biologist and adventuress, hosts the series. Adventure traveler and marine biologist, Mike Corey, takes you on one of the most memorable adventures of your life in Uncharted Adventure. You will be swept into the heart of the action as Mike explores oceans, swamps, mountains, and deserts.

Learn about the ways that the weather and environment influence each location and the lifestyle of its residents. Although many of these destinations have already been explored, Mike explores them in an offbeat way that reveals a whole new side to locations that you thought you knew.

Regions of Live Broadcast

The network runs a weather-prediction service called “WeatherScan,” where TWC’s logo and advertisements appear constantly on a separate station.

As of now, the network operates only its US station, although it does update the air temperature of international locations. Along with its television programming, the station has a territorial and satellite presence across the country.

Changes in the lineup

From November 2008 to February 2009, The Weather Channel laid off nearly seven of its long-time on-camera meteorologists: Eboni Deon, Kristina Abernathy, Kristin Dodd, Cheryl Lemke, Rich Johnson, Mark Mancuso, and Dave Schwartz. Except for Deon, all had been on the broadcast for many years, and the network had continued three of them for over twenty years.

1) In July 2012, TWC terminated Bill Keneely–the last of the original on-camera meteorologists who appeared on the network’s initial broadcasts in 1982.

2) In January 2012, David Kenny got appointed as the CEO of TWC, replacing former AOL executive Mike Kelly, who got elected as the network’s CEO in the summer of 2009.

3) On September 9, 2015, it was announced that TWC would go through an overhaul of its programming schedule during 2016.

It stated that the channel would gradually shift its focus towards a forecast-based lineup, and it would be reformatted as a weather-focused station (eliminating lifestyle segments).

4) The Weather Channel also declared it would no longer greenlight original long-form programming.

The network decided to expand its live forecasts content on its schedule throughout 2016, once all remaining long-form programs already in progress conclude their runs.

Online Resources

TWC follows a two-tiered service model, where the free service bearing advertisements and their pay service lack ads & deliver enhanced radar & mapping functions.

IBM buys online services of the network. You can watch some up-to-the-minute predictions on how’s your weather is going to be in the next moment on the website: //

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