EconomyPresident Trump says GDP would be around 4% and the Dow could...

President Trump says GDP would be around 4% and the Dow could be 10,000 points more if it weren’t for the Fed

President Trump told CNBC’s Joe Kernen Wednesday that the U.S. economic development would be near to 4% if it were not for the lingering effect of Federal Reserve rate hikes.

Donald Trump talks to Joe Kernen from World Economic Forum in Davos

“That was a big blip that should not have happened. It should not have taken place. But it’s one of those things. But we had Boeing. We had a big edge with General Motors. We had things happen that are very unusual to happen; Trump told Kernen in an interview that broadcast live from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Trump demonstrated that the stock market would be much higher than its recent record-setting highs if the Fed hadn’t elevated rates so abruptly before cutting them nearly three times in 2019.

“At the time, with all of that, had we not executed the big raise on interest, I perceive we would have been close to 4%,” said Trump about the U.S. gross domestic product. “And I- I could get 5,000 to 10,000 points more on the Dow. But that was a killer when raised the rate. It was simply a big mistake.

The President has frequently taken the Fed and its chair, Jerome Powell, to task for a too quick rise in rates, in his view.
Trump nominated Jerome Powell to the role as the 16th Chair of the Federal Reserve in November 2017, and the Fed raised rates four times during 2018.

The President’s remarks Wednesday mirror those his chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow delivered to CNBC on Tuesday, when he anticipates approximately 3% growth in the U.S. GDP in 2020.
“This is a long cycle, and what you’ve achieved here in the Trump years is essentially a mini cycle,” Kudlow said Thursday and added that “You’ve moved from 1.5% to 2% growth. We had it moving at almost 4%, then the Fed tightened.”

Production and trade data revealed this month pointed out that the American economy ended 2019 on a competitive note. The economy is estimated to rise by over 2% in the fourth quarter. That would reflect a slowdown from the near 2.9% increase during 2018, and 2% development would still propose the decade-old expansion is set to keep moving into this pivotal election year.

The Trump interview from Davos came hours after the first day of impeachment proceedings wrapped up in the Senate and a day after President Donald Trump gave a speech to the World Economic Forum in which he gloated about the U.S. economic gains under his watch.

Several observers expressed about Trump’s address, suggesting it like a campaign speech in his 2020 re-election bid.

Trump seemed firm on his use of tariffs in trade deals from a policy standpoint, especially as his administrations appears to follow its so-called phase one trade deal with Chinese with a second-phase pact. This bearing has convinced business leaders in Davos skeptical that the two nations would arrive to an agreement before Trump’s first term is up in a year.

CNBC’s Thomas Franck shared comments about Trump’s interview:

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